So Obsessed Saturday

So Obsessed Saturday is back!  With just a few days left to the biggest holiday of the year, it's no surprise that this Saturday, I'm completely obsessed with all things Christmas related.  Seriously, I look forward to Christmas year round.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I started listening to Christmas music in the summer.  What can I say?  It's something about This Christmas that just puts you in a jolly mood.

I love Google captured the light animation of our tree star and lights!  The top portion of our tree is probably the only part that look decent.  My kids have been slowly toting all of the ones from the bottom and middle off.  We've had two ornaments break so far.  So, I think after this year we will get rid of the glass balls and go with the sturdier plastic ones.


I can't count how many times we've watched this.  It always cracks me up.  I'm telling you if, you're looking for a good family movie to rent for Christmas Eve or Christmas night, this is it!

Overall, I'm obsessed with Christmas because it's more time to spend with my family.  It's another great holiday to remind us that we have a lot to be thankful

What are you obsessed with this week?


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That's right today is my birthday and I'm celebrating!  It's such a huge blessing to have the opportunity to commemorate another year of life.  So, I thought I would share a list of what other things I'm celebrating in addition to today being my Born Day!

28 Things I'm Celebrating Today
1: Family-  This numero uno on my list because I know so many people who don't have family whether by death, separation, etc.  I'm beyond blessed to have a family that loves me and cherishes me as much as I love and cherish them.

2: Creativity-  Needless to say without creativity, I wouldn't be writing this blog post.  I definitely wouldn't be writing my novel.  Being creative has always been my outlet.  My way to let go of stress, blow off steam and more.

3: Life- Oh what a beautiful thing!  To not celebrate having the opportunity to be alive another day is a crime.

4: Books-  I love reading.  It's my to escape and see different parts of the world, explore different dimensions and connect with complete strangers.

5: Food- Food and I have a bit of a love affair.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I enjoy eating to highest.  I also love cooking and being the kitchen, especially with my family.  We laugh, talk and create.

6: Book Title-  I've been working on my novel for some time now.  I was really starting to stress over not having decided on title because without one it just so unofficial.  But I'm happy to report that as of yesterday, I have an official title!

7: Friends- Unlike family, we get to choose our friends and I am blessed to have some great ones!

8: Faith- It's the essences of things unseen, but hoped for.  My faith has seen me through a lot rough times.

9: Love-  We all need it, crave it and want it!

10: Support- It's always nice to have someone in your corner.

11: Music-  I don't play any instruments, but I do enjoy singing along to the radio!

12: Computers-  My laptop died and I started writing the rest of my novel chapters out by hand.  Let me tell you, don't take having a computer for granted.  I'm back in business now, but oh boy do I have a lot of stuff to type up!

13: Social Media-  Sometimes, we give social media a bad wrap when we misuse it.  However, used correctly and you find all kinds of hidden treasures and resources on social media.

14: Happiness- Ain't nobody got time for being sad!

15: Cooking-  It's another way to escape and unwind with my loved ones.

16: Fall TV-  I'm not a huge fan of summertime television shows.  However, when Fall rolls around you catch me glued to television watching shows like The Vampire Diaries.

17: Movies- So many good movies coming out on the big screen that I want to see. They make laugh and they make me cry.

18: Shelter- So grateful to have a roof over my head.  So, many people went to sleep at a homeless shelfter tonight or worst outside in the elements.

19: Sleep-  I've been running low on it these last couple of days, but it's still good.

20: Giving Back- Touching a life is the most amazing feeling in the world.

21: Unexpected Blessings- Nothing like having a wonderful surprise drop in your lap out of the blue.

22: Fashion- Fashion is also another one of my great loves.  I could spend hours flipping through the covers of Vogue Magazine.

23:  Coca-Cola- I must have been born with a Sprite drip in my arm because I love Sprite.  

24: Car- Public transportation doesn't run everywhere.  So, it's nice to have car to able to visit all of those places.

25: Nature- I went to Lake Junaluska once.  Let me tell you, the nature scenes there are breathtaking.  Just something about surrounded by nature that reminds me there is a higher power.

26: Toys- As I get closer to finishing my manuscript, distractions will not be wanted. As a parent, that kind of comes with the territory.  Thank goodness for toys to keep them somewhat occupied though.

27:  Inspiration- When inspiration hits me, I feel like doing a little jig.

28: God- Without Him, we wouldn't be here!

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So Obsessed Saturday

There's no faster and better way to connect with readers and our favorite writers than social media.  After a LONG hiatus, I have recently decided to hop back in the swing of things on Twitter (@kelizmccoy).  Now, I recently became a new fan of author Sylvia Day.  My baby sister (she's over 18) introduced me to her Crossfire Series this past April.

I felt like I had been living under a rock a little bit not knowing who Sylvia Day was.  In my defense, I am more of an Alex Cross/Twilight/Harry Potter kind of gal.  I tend to thrift toward books that have crime, mystery, suspense and a hint or two of the supernatural.
Anyways, I was browsing Twitter to follow a few of my favorite authors and stumbled across a Twitter account for the one and only Gideon Cross (@GideonCross), one of the main characters from the Crossfire series.

I know people make Twitter accounts for their pets, fan pages and there was even an account for Kimye's fetus.  However, this is something much more than a fan account for Sylvia Day's character.  This in a word is genius!  And if you are a fan of the Crossfire series and don't follow @GideonCross on Twitter, you are missing out on a treat.

The operator behind the Twitter handle for our favorite fictional billionaire has completely brought Gideon Cross to life.  I see how he (or she) interacts with fans and they never break character.  It's truly like Cross has jumped from the pages of Day's books and on my computer and telephone screens.  The best thing about it that @GideonCross seems to enjoy interacting with contemporary romance author, E. L. James (Fifty Shades).

I'm not sure this account is ran by one of Day's official staff members but if it isn't, she needs to hire this person immediately.  To be able to embody a character to this degree takes talent that even some seasoned actors have yet to master.  Yep, considered me obsessed and you will be too!

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I'm Back

It's official!  I'm back from my hiatus.  I have to say that I did miss blogging here.  You know when you get locked out of your account, Google makes you jump through all sorts of hoops to get back in.  And I'm not complaining about that.  I think it's great that they make you go through so much trouble to verify your identity because I wouldn't want just anyone having access to my blog (or my email).

So, now that I'm back in, I'm looking forward to sharing book reviews, monthly reading recommendations, author spotlights and keeping you all updated on my progress with my novel.  Yes, I'm still writing it.  I took a brief break from that but I'm back in the writing saddle and giving my fingers a workout.  Honestly, taking a break from my novel was probably the best thing I ever did because now that I'm back to writing it the creative juices are flowing 100 miles a minute.

I have yet to come up with a definite title for it, but I can tell you that it's a contemporary romance with a hint of suspense.  I can also tell you that main character's name is Kerrisa.  The rest I'm keeping mum about.  You'll have check back with the blog for future updates.

Until next time, 

Best Books I Read In 2012

Last year, I set a goal to read at least 100 books.  As much as I enjoy writing, I enjoy reading more.  And I didn't limit myself to just adult books.  I enjoyed a few young adult reads as well as a few children's books.  This year I've set a goal to read at least 113 books.  We'll see how that goes.  In meantime, here are a few of the best books I read in 2012.

I don't even know where to begin with this book.  I fell completely in love with it.  Like it was in my hand for 24 hours straight!  James does such a create job of bring Ana and Christian to life.  And this book goes way deeper than just the sex. Trust me if you've ever read any urban erotica then you'd know this is still mild stuff.

This book is about learning to love, stepping outside of your comfort zone, healing and realizing what you deserve and who you are.  I'm so anxious for them to get started on the movie and can't wait until it hits theaters!  Definitely read this book if you're 18 and over!

From Interview With The Vampire to the Twilight saga, it seems like vampire books can do no wrong.  And the Vampire Empire series is no exception.  Book one was addictive.  Couldn't put it down.  Everybody loves a hero.  But happens when your hero turns out to be one of your enemies?  

So, forget Kim and her sex tape and her baby with a man that's not her husband.  Kris Jenner drops a serious bomb about why she and Robert Kardashian got divorced.  This book gives some insight on how the Kardashians have come to be the entertainment moguls that they are.  You get a sense of why Kris goes so hard for her family and why she's a great momager.

Have you ever felt like you were invisible?  Well, you're not alone.  In this book, you'll meet a lovely and devoted mom of two and wife who is invisible figuratively and literally.   But does her family notice it?  Nope.  

Thank goodness for her friend Gilda and a support group filled with other invisible who help Clover to keep her sanity as she deals with the suddenly becoming invisible.  This book is witty and charming.  Definitely a must read in my opinion for moms and wives everywhere.

Three friends-Dorie, Ellis and Julia- are different intersections in life.  They decide to go away for a summer vacation and some much needed girl time.  What could possibly go wrong or happen in one summer?  A lot when you throw a mysterious backyard neighbor/landloard and strange new housemate on the run from her abusive husband.

This was my first time reading anything by Mary Kay Andrews and I'm hooked.  I love writing style and how she was able to pack so much action and drama into this one book without making it seem crazy.  I wish their was a part two or follow to this book.  Winter Rental maybe?

What good books did you read in 2012?

Happy 2013

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Happy New Year's Everyone!!  2013 is here and I'm ready to get this party started.  I know that millions of us set resolutions and more than 50% of us don't keep them, but I'm determined not to be in that over 50%.  So, without further ado here are my resolutions for 2013.
  • Publish Novel:  I've been working on a novel of sorts now for a long while.  Last year, I proscrinated and didn't get it finished.  Well, this year there will be none of that.  I'm on a mission to have a Bestseller before this year is out.  So, that means that I'm kicking it in high gear.  As you all know, I have two books out on Kindle already but I'm looking forward to this one being released as a print book as well as an e-book.

  • Blog More:  I know that I dropped the ball on this blog too last year.  I started to get overwhelmed by some things going on in my personal as well as professional.  All of my planning and organization went out the window.  However, I know that part of being a bestselling author is interacting with your readers and actually trying to get to know them.  I don't want to be one of those authors who's just about selling you a book.  I really want to bond with my readers and supporters.

  • Find An Illustrator:  I really want to get my Adventures of Moo & Bud series published in print.  And since I'm not much of artist or graphic designer, I need to find an illustrator to help bring my children's series to life.  Plus, the cover could use a ton of work.  As much as, we say we shouldn't judge books by their covers, the truth is that many of us do. 

  • Support More Indie Authors:  I know how hard it is to be an indie author.  People don't really take you seriously if you don't have some big name publishing house or agency backing you.  You have to work ten times as hard to get your work the notice it deserves.  So, I want to make sure that I do my part and start buying books that are by indie authors.  I'm not saying that I'm going to quit buying James Pattersons but I'm will be making sure that buy just as many books by lesser known authors and review here on the blog and the websites like Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc to help them get a leg up.

  • Travel More:  Be it a book tour or attending workshops and seminars, I want to get out and travel.  I spent a lot time at home in 2012 and visiting the same places.  I want to see sites and meet new people this year.  Hopefully, I'll even rack up some miles on my passport.

What are your resolutions or goals for 2013?