I'm Back

It's official!  I'm back from my hiatus.  I have to say that I did miss blogging here.  You know when you get locked out of your account, Google makes you jump through all sorts of hoops to get back in.  And I'm not complaining about that.  I think it's great that they make you go through so much trouble to verify your identity because I wouldn't want just anyone having access to my blog (or my email).

So, now that I'm back in, I'm looking forward to sharing book reviews, monthly reading recommendations, author spotlights and keeping you all updated on my progress with my novel.  Yes, I'm still writing it.  I took a brief break from that but I'm back in the writing saddle and giving my fingers a workout.  Honestly, taking a break from my novel was probably the best thing I ever did because now that I'm back to writing it the creative juices are flowing 100 miles a minute.

I have yet to come up with a definite title for it, but I can tell you that it's a contemporary romance with a hint of suspense.  I can also tell you that main character's name is Kerrisa.  The rest I'm keeping mum about.  You'll have check back with the blog for future updates.

Until next time,