10 Facts You Probably Don't Know About Me

Hello? Is this thing on?  I know it's been a while but I've finally decided that I'm ready to blow the virtual dust off this blog and my YouTube channel.  I thought the best way to do that would be to share a little bit more about myself so that we can get reacquainted.  So here we go. 

10 Things About Me

ONE | I have lived in the Carolinas my entire life.  This is something I really want to change in the future.  I love the Carolinas but I feel stagnant here.  It was always my dream and goal to move to another state once I finished college.

TWO | I won 3rd place in an art show when I was in junior high school.  Unfortunately, I quit drawing in high school.  They didn't offer art as an elective in high school.

THREE | Twilight was the first YA book I ever read.  I still love this series and some of the messaging in it to this day.  Also, I'm still salty we never got that last spin-off book we were promised.

FOUR | I am the 2nd oldest of six children.  I often get mistaken as being the oldest though.

FIVE | I don't have a favorite color.

SIX | I love cooking and I'm actually pretty good at it.  The kitchen is my favorite place to be besides the library or a bookstore.

SEVEN | I won a group cook-off a few years ago.  It was an amazing and fun opportunity.  I'd love the chance to take part in another one.

EIGHT | I've never lived solo.  I went from living at home with my family to living with four roommates in college to moving in with my then boyfriend.  And now I have kids.  So yeah, I've lived with other people my entire life.

NINE | Horses are my favorite animals.  One of the reasons I want to eventually own a farm is so that I can buy horses.  They give me a sense of peace and freedom whenever I'm around them.

TEN | I wanted to be a model when I was younger.  I had an agency and a modeling portfolio.  Shout out to my mom for hustling to make it happen and not being upset when I was ready to call it quits.

Well that's it for now.  Share some interesting tidbits about yourself down below in the comments so that I can get to know you as well!

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  1. Oh wow! You are an artist? Do you still draw at all?
    I have to admit, Twilight is one of the biggest YA draws amongst my friends! The series definitely got a lot of people into the YA range.
    I adore cooking too! THe group cookoff sounds like so much fun.
    I'm also a horse lover. In fact we have four between myself and my little one. She has a pony and I have three bigger ones.!

    Love the post! :)