TBB Asks | Vacation Edition

I meant to get back on the TBB Asks bandwagon last month, but see what had happened was I totally forgot to type up my blog post in time for the link-up.  I still might come back and publish it here on the blog since I took the time to answer all of the questions.  Little Known Fact About Me #359: I prewrite out all of my blog posts in my notebook before I type them up.  My thoughts just flow better that way.  

June Reading Wrap-Up

I can't believe June is over already.  Only a month and a half left of Summer Break.  While I didn't do anything out of this world last month, I did come out of my reading slump! 🎉🎉

Cheers to that because I was beginning to think that I wouldn't be able to finish anything I picked up. In the spirit of full disclosure, this post does contain affiliate links and I may receive a commission for purchases made using some of the links in this post.  Anyways here's a look at the books I read in June.