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Author: Brenda Jackon
Series: Forged by Steele
Genre: African American Romance
Format: Kindle (Netgalley ARC)
Publication Date: March 1, 2016
Publisher: Harlequin Kimani Romance
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They're discovering the healing powers of passion.

Burned-by-love architect Hunter McKay came home to Phoenix to open her own firm, not rekindle her fleeting high school romance with playboy Tyson Steele.  But when she runs into the sexy surgeon at a nightclub- and he unleashes that legendary Steele charm- Hunter fears she's headed straight for heartbreak once again.

Tyson hasn't forgotten the one who got away.  A weeklong fling should by just enough to get the sultry beauty out of his system for good, even if he has to let Hunter set the ground rules.  But the rules are suddenly changing for the no-strings bachelor.  Can Tyson convince this sensual woman that he's the real deal- that they deserve a second change together?


Possessed By Passion was a nice reintroduction to Brenda Jackson's romance novels.  I have been a fan of hers for some years now, but will admit to having taken a bit of break to branch out and read other authors.  When I saw the ARC for this book on Netgalley, I just knew it would the perfect way to catch up on all of her books that I've missed during my hiatus.  Kind of a working my way backwards situation.

In Possessed By Passion (part of the Forged by Steele series), Jackson introduces readers to Tyson Steele.  Tyson is a devoted heart surgeon, protective brother, loving son, and with dreamy green eyes, every woman's kryptonite.  Every woman that is except for Hunter McKay.  The pair dated briefly in high school until Tyson made it clear he wasn't looking for anything steady.  Hunter decided to cut her losses and moved away after graduation only to return to Phoenix 18 years later.

He spots her while she's out on the town with two her besties at one of his hunting spots. And cue Katy Perry's The One That Got Away because suddenly Tyson is feeling some type of way about Hunter being the only woman who's ever turned down a chance to hop on the Tyson Steele Express.  His sexual attraction to Hunter is still alive and kicking and he's determined to seal deal this time

Unfortunately a lot can happen in 18 years like Hunter's disastrous marriage having caused her to put up a wall.  And honestly, I can't say that I blame Hunter for putting up wall because her ex-husband was a hot mess.  She put up with way more than the average woman would have.  Therefore, when she recognized that Tyson was still as big of a playboy as he was when she left, she wanted no parts of his plans to seduce her.

I was definitely mentally high-fiving Hunter for not swooning at Tyson's feet.  But we all know that Harlequin only publishes HEAs and I knew that somehow the dynamics of this story had to change in order for Hunter and Tyson to end up together.  And honestly, I thought it was going to be serious event like one of Hunter's parents almost dying that would bring the two together emotionally because Tyson's character comes off very "Me give my heart to a woman?/Not for nothin', never happen/I'll be forever mackin/Heart cold as assassins, I got no passion."

Then there's Hunter with all of her baggage.  While Hunter and Tyson do end up bumping into each other at his work (the hospital) that's not the "serious event" that makes these two see stars.  Instead it's a series of small acts such as Tyson's persistent advances, some nudging from her besties and her mom and then a phone call from her ex-husband's mother that seem to get Hunter over her hurdle and helps her to decide to flip the tables on Tyson.  While I did feel slightly let down that there wasn't a bigger build up to this moment, I did love seeing Hunter taking control.

A lot times in romances we see these alpha male playboys and the heroine is all damaged and demur and the hero ends up sweeping her off her feet.  However it was nice seeing a Hunter get Tyson to hand over control to her.  I'm firm believer that women need to be in control of all aspects of their sexuality.  Anyways, these two agree to a week long sex fest convinced that a week is all both of them will need to get each other out of their systems.  The rest is history because HEA.

While this was a good read, if I had so pick one thing about Possessed by Passion that I really didn't like, it would have to be the lack of facial and physical descriptions for Tyson and Hunter.  I love when I can read a character's physical description and get a clear mental picture of what they look like.  Vague descriptions such as Tyson having green eyes and Hunter having dimples and a short natural cut make it hard to really put a face to these characters, which did cause a bit of a disconnect for me.   However it wasn't a complete deal breaker.

Favorite Quotes

"There's nothing to rekindle.  Need I remind you that we didn't have anything mainly because you were only interested in one thing?" ~ Hunter  (Gotta love a woman who doesn't mince words and can set the record straight.)

"...I refuse to be another one of your conquests.  That night at Notorious you stated you planned to seduce me.  If we sleep together tonight, I don't want you to think you've succeeded.  I want to set the record straight that if we share a bed it will be because it was my choice and not because you've done or said anything to persuade or entice me." ~ Hunter ( See, setting the record straight again!)

"My advice to you is to tread lightly and with caution, or you're liable to get possessed by passion.  Once that happens, it will be all over for you." ~ Eli Steele (Tyson can't say he wasn't warned.)

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