What I'm Reading For #AVeryMerryReadathon

The holidays are upon us and I couldn't be more excited.  Seriously!  From New Year's to Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I absolutely LOVE celebrating all of our different US traditions and Christian observances.  I'm thrilled to see these celebrations and festivities spilling over into the Booktube world in the form of themed readathons.  With Christmas almost here, Tiny Book Dragon, The Owlery Books, A Cup of Wonderland, Bookaflix Taylor, and The Bookish Babbler have joined forces to bring us the #AVeryMerryReadathon reading challenge plus a giveaway.

Happy Holidays, #AVeryMerryReadathon is coming up! Here's a look at all the books I'll be reading.

Challenge Themes

Participants in this readathon are asked to complete the following challenges:

  1. Read a book that takes place during the holiday season.

  2. Read a book with Christmas colors on the cover (red, green, silver, gold, and/or white).

  3. Read a book just because you want to.

My #AVeryMerryReadathon TBR

Before we get into the books I will reading, I want to disclose that while this post NOT sponsored by FaithWords or Hachette Book Group, the books mentioned and featured below were sent to me by FaithWords.  Now that we've got that out of the way let's jump into my TBR.

I love Christmas movies and I love the Hallmark Channel.  They're two of my biggest guilty pleasures.  That being said all of the books on my #AVeryMerryReadathon TBR have been adapted into Hallmark Channel television movies.  Also, all of the books below are written by Robin Jones Gunn.

First up is Finding Father Christmas.  This book is about Miranda Carson, who decides to search for her birth father.  Her search leads her to London where she falls in love with her family who doesn't even know she exists.  Thus, she is faced with the challenging choice of whether to reveal her identity and risk causing some drama or does she just keep her identity a secret.

Next up is book two of the Father Christmas series, Engaging Father Christmas.  Miranda is headed back across the pond to England, but this time she's going to spend the holidays with her boyfriend, Ian.  A rumor that Ian is thinking about popping the Big Question is leaked and now Miranda is hoping to make her stay permanent, but of course some drama breaks out and her happily ever after ends up hanging in the balance.

Lastly I'm reading Kissing Father Christmas, the third book in this series.   And you guessed it, Robin Gunn takes us back to England, Carlton Heath to be exact.  In this story we will meet Anna, Miranda's cousin.  Anna is visiting with Miranda and her family for the Christmas holiday as well as hoping to possibly to rekindle a romance with Peter, a groomsmen she met and kissed at Miranda's wedding.  However, once she arrives and meets up with Peter, it seems that whatever feelings had for her at the wedding have dried up.

Again I loved these books as movies and have not doubt that I will enjoy them in their written form as well.  These books are short will make for very quick reads.

Something Extra

Because picks above are so short and won't last the entire six days of the #AVeryMerryReadathon, I have a few backup/extra books to eat up the rest of the days.

Part of Pat Simmon's Anderson Brothers series, A Christian Christmas is a novella about a single woman, Joy Knight, raising four children and struggling to make ends meet.  She meets Christian Anderson in a checkout line and sparks fly.  However, Joy isn't sure if she's ready to put her heart on the line again.  Plus, she has her hands full with four kids and trying to find a way to keep a roof over their heads.  I can't wait to see if she will give Christian a chance and if he'll be able to handle all of the challenges in her life.

Written by Kate Hewitt, A Yorkshire Christmas is the second book of the Christmas Around the World series.  Claire Lindell is fresh off the heels of a "disastrous romantic decision."  She leaves NYC escaping to her godmother's cottage in Yorkshire to clear her mind and recoup.  A car accident brings her face to face with Noah Bradford, a farmer, and she's smitten at first sight.  I love the cover illustration of this book and that it's set in Yorkshire.  I can't wait to see if Noah will reciprocate Claire's affections.

Are you participating in #AVeryMerryReadathon?  If so, what are you reading?

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  1. I love the holidays as well and always mean to read holiday themed books but never do!! I hope you enjoy the books and good luck on the readathon!

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