My #BookBuddyAthon TBR 2017

It's officially May and that means it's time to get ready for the #BookBuddyAthon!!  I wanted to participate in this readathon last year, but I didn't find a reading buddy in time.  This year I started advertising for a reading buddy early and someone was nice enough to answer my call on Twitter.  Thanks M for tweeting me!!  Now that I have a reading buddy, here's an overview of what the #BookBuddyAthon is and a list of the books we'll be reading.

What Is #BookBuddyAthon?

#BookBuddyAthon is a readathon hosted by Elena of Elena Reads Books and Janet of SwirlyGirlyReads.  The purpose of this readathon is read books with a book buddy.  While reading in and of itself is already fun to do, having someone to read with and to gush/rant about books with is even more fun.  It runs from May 6th to May 12th.  This readathon consists of the following five challenges:

1- Buddy read book with your buddy.
2- Pick a book with your buddy's favorite color on it.
3- Pick a book with a title that starts with your buddy's first name initial.
4- Pick 3 books and then have your book buddy choose 1 for you to read.
5- Pick a guilty pleasure book that has been calling your name.

You don't have to pick a different book for each challenge.  For example, my reading buddy's book pick for Challenges 1 and 5 were the same book.  Also, you and your book buddy won't be reading the exact same books (with the exception of Challenge 1) unless you guys really have the same exact taste in books and have names that start with the same initial.  For example, my first starts with a K and my buddy's first starts with a M.  Therefore, we are not reading the same book for Challenge 3.  However, we will still talk about our books with each other.

In the spirit of full disclose, some of the links below are affiliate links.  This means that should you purchase an item using one of my links, I will receive a small commission.  This does NOT cost you any extra money.

My #BookBuddyAthon TBR

Salt to the Sea | Told from the perspective of four different people, this is a story about their fight to freedom during World War II.  My book buddy chose this book for Challenge 1.  I've never read any of Sepetys' works, but have heard only rave reviews about this book.

The Diabolic |  I started this book the end of last month, but put it aside to read an ARC I was sent by a publisher.  I'm super excited to finish this book during this readathon.  It's about a Diabolic who goes to an empire in place of her owner, Sidonia, in order to protect her.  I chose this book for Challenge 2 because my book buddy's favorite color is white.

Magpie Murders |  I love a good mystery.  Even more than that I love books written by UK authors.  So when I got an ARC of this book I was over the moon.  I'd been secretly debating on whether or not to pre-order it.  It's a mystery that is a story within a story.  I chose this book for Challenge 3 because my book buddy's name starts with M.

Be True To Me |  I was also sent an ARC of this book by it's publishers as well.  The synopsis of this book gives me total Brandy and Monica "The Boy Is Mine" vibes.  It's a story about this girl who crushes the new guy in town, but then her archnemesis starts to crush on him as well.  Out of the 3 books I send to my book buddy to pick from for Challenge 4, this is the one she chose.

Heir of Fire |  And I picked this book for Challenge 5 because I'm completely in love Sarah J. Maas and her Throne of Glass series!  It's absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see what happens next to Celaena.

My Reading Buddy's #BookBuddyAthon TBR

Salt to the Sea |  Again she's reading this as our Challenge 1 book and also as her Challenge 5 book.

Magnolia |  Jenna and Ryder are from families who not only long time neighbors, but who are also considered Mississippi royalty.  While their parents would love for Jenna and Ryder to become a permanent, there's just one problem -- they can't stand each other.  My book buddy picked this YA contemporary for Challenge 2 because I it has one of my preferred colors -red- on the cover.

Am I Normal Yet |  Out of the three books, she gave me to choose from for Challenge 4, I chose this one because the title sounded very interesting.  It's a book about a girl named Evie, who just wants to be normal.  Evie suffers from a mental illness and she's tired of being labeled as "crazy."  This book chronicles her journey as she comes off her meds and re-embarks on her college journey.

My book buddy could not find a physical copy of a book that started with my first initial -K- that interested her.  Therefore, she's skipping Challenge 2.

I can't wait for May 6th to get here!  One of my bookish goals for 2017 was to participate in more readathons and reading challenge.  So, I'm excited to be finally be getting on crossing this goal off my list.  Don't forget to check out my latest BookTube vlog below.

Are you participating in #BookBuddyAthon this year?  Also, what books would you like to read with a buddy?  Let's chat in the comments!!

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