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Happy Friday!  We all made it to the end of another week.  Speaking of endings, where did Februrary go?  This year is blowing by quickly just like 2017 did.  And can we talk about how crazy the weather has been lately?!  Last weekend it was warm enough to turn on the AC but this weekend we're back to using the heat.  I would be forever grateful if Mother Nature could get her act together.  Please and thank you!

Currently . . .

Listening |  The Black Panther Soundtrack has been on repeat for weeks now.  As the teens say, "It's lit!"  Kendrick Lamar really did a great job of putting together a great collection of songs for that captures the essence of the movie.  All The Stars and Pray For Me are my favorites by far.

I stumbled across Tequila by Dan + Shay and instantly fell in love with it.  So I've been listening to that a lot as well.  Also, in rotation is Stir Fry by Migos.  The beat is super catchy and you'll be dancing around the kitchen in no time.  Speaking of which their collaboration with Tasty was pure genius!

Loving |  My February Pinchme Box finally arrived!  It took unusually long for this box to ship.  I guess this is to be expected as they continue to gain popularity.

Anyways, I enjoyed all of the products I received in my Pinchme Box last month.  You can see my official review and initial thoughts in my February Pinchme Box post. 

Surviving | We're still surviving homeschooling. The kids are enrolled in virtual school through K12. It's been an experience to say the least. I can definitely say that I'm on the fence about doing K12 again next school year.

It's not as flexible as I thought it was going to be. I'm also not a fan of how first graders get graded for their work but the grades they get on their work doesn't count towards determining if they pass to the next grade. Instead they have to take an assessment via video chat with their teacher once a quarter and that determines their report grade.

So why even bother grading the other work? Also, there's little room for error with the assessment. I've been looking into ways that we can legally unschool in our area and hope to have a gam plan in place before summer gets here.

Searching |  For the last few weeks, I've been on the hunt for shoes for my son.  I'm searching for shoes that will be able to stand up his playing habits.  Like any kid, he loves playing in the dirt, kicking rocks, and running wild when he's outside.  Needless to say that his shoes take a good beating.

Also, his feed are growing like weeds.  I can't complain too much because I have big feet and my feet grew fast when I was a kid.  Now I know my mom's frustration with always having to buy me new shoes.

I was browsing Target and stumbled across some options that I hope will work for us.  My plan is to get him a pair shoes that are strictly for playtime and then maybe two pairs for when he needs to look put together.  Let's hope he doesn't outgrow them before summer gets here. 🙏

Finishing |  We finally finished our vision boards last weekend.  I think they turned out great.  I'm so glad that we started the tradition of doing vision boards together as a family.  They've already been a great help with serving as daily reminders of what we want to accomplish and manifest into our lives in 2018.

I'll be sharing them on the blog later on as well as our goals for this year.  Stay tuned.  Let me know down in the comments if you do vision boards.

Well that's a wrap!  This weekend I'll be squeezing in a little reading, spending time with the kids, and doing a little work.  Let me know what your plans are for the weekend!

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  1. I actually want to watch Black Panther so I'm interested in the sound track! I also like dan + Shay!

    Well done for surviving home schooling!!! That must be tough!!!

    Kids also grow so darned fast don't they!!! I hope you win with the shoes.

    Hope you have a lovely April!!