TBB Asks | Vacation Edition

I meant to get back on the TBB Asks bandwagon last month, but see what had happened was I totally forgot to type up my blog post in time for the link-up.  I still might come back and publish it here on the blog since I took the time to answer all of the questions.  Little Known Fact About Me #359: I prewrite out all of my blog posts in my notebook before I type them up.  My thoughts just flow better that way.  

The only issue is that sometimes I forget I've written something out for specific link-ups.  I'm going to start setting reminders on my phone to help me get better at not forgetting.  Anyways, July's TBB Asks is all about vacations.

Vacation Q&A

Will you go on a summer vacation this year? 

Unfortunately, I don't think a summer vacation is in the cards for us this year.  Mama (meaning me) needs a new car.  I'm hoping we'll be able to take a mini vacay this fall though.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Do nothing but relax or Pack it all in vacation?

A little bit of both.  Usually, when we go on vacation, we like to relax that first day.  It's hard to hit the ground running on Day 1 after we've been driving to our destination.  But when Day 2 hits, it's on and poppin'! 

What month do you like to vacation?

All of them. LOL.  I mean there really isn't a bad month to take a vacation in.  I would getaway every month if I could afford it.

Cruise: Yes or No?

Yes!  I'm hoping we'll be taking our first cruise next year.  I'd love to gift the kids a Disney Cruise as an early Christmas present for December 2019.

Favorite vacation tradition?

Traveling with my extended family.  It's become a tradition that we travel with my mom, siblings, and my niece.  Honestly, this makes everything so easy.  There's more than enough adults to watch the kids, we pool our money together, and we don't get on each other's nerves. 

Celebrating my sister's 21st birthday at Beerfest!

During the daytime, we stick to family-friendly activities.  Then at night, my mom watches the kids so that my siblings and I can go out to enjoy some adult fun!  It's a win-win situation. 

Most memorable vacation?

Going to Orlando last summer.  We went to celebrate my brother's birthday and had a blast.  The kids got to actually do more than just drive thru Florida this time around.  We got to golf with alligators (yes, real ones), do some shopping, and just chill out.  I got to go to my first dance club since having kids.  It was awesome!

Pack light or Pack it all?

Somewhere in the middle.  I try to pack light for myself, but I have to pack extra outfits and the entire medicine cabinet for the kids.  Can't forget about snacks for the road, electronics (and their chargers), and some toys.

Hotel, Condo or House?

All of the above.  It honestly just depends on the area and how long we're staying.  Our hotel in Orlando was like a mini apartment building.  Our room had two master bedrooms, a guest room, a guest bathroom, a full kitchen, laundry room, living room/dining room combo, and a balcony.

We never felt cramped.  Everyone could spread out when we were in the room during downtime.  The living room had a sofa that let out into a bed, but we didn't need to use it.  The guest room had two queen beds and the master bedrooms each had a king bed that I'm pretty sure were cal kings instead.  I'm going to do a Throwback Thursday post on that trip so that I go more into detail about everything.

Favorite thing(s) to eat on vacation?

We love to either cook in our hotel room or try out restaurants recommended by the locals.  Sometimes, we do stick to familiar fast food places for the kids due to food allergies, but we grown-ups like to try new spots, especially if they're locally owned. 

Warm or Cold Destinations?

Getting ready to check into our vintage hotel in Lake Junaluska

Both.  I like to frequent warm destinations during the spring and summer months.  However, I'm a sucker for the coolness and snow of the mountains during fall and winter.  Those are fireplace months and I love starting up a nice wood fire, curling up in an armchair, and reading a good book. 

I really enjoyed this month's TBB Asks and can't wait for August's.  Let's chat in the comments!  Share some of your answers to these questions below.  You can check out other blog's that participated in this link up here.

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  1. That's awesome you can travel with family - it does let you get away from the kids a bit and that has to be nice! I hope you can make a Disney cruise work. :)


    1. Yes, traveling with family is a lifesaver! I definitely recommend it for those who can do it as well. So far it looks like the Disney cruise is a go! So excited!!

  2. I definitely think you won the jackpot with your momma for her to let you kids have your adult time! Sounds to me like we could vacation together! Lots in common for sure.

    Thanks for linking up with The Blended Blog!

    1. Yes, my mom is that the BEST! I feel so blessed that she's always been available to travel with us. I know that everyone doesn't have this option, so we definitely don't take it for granted.

  3. I also like to stay in a hotel that has an "apartment" like setting. It gives us room to spread out. Traveling with extended family sounds like a win-win situation. Have a happy 4th.

    1. Yes, having room to spread out is so important when you travel with extended family or if you just have a big family. Our hotel apartment from our Florida trip definitely spoiled us with all of the amenities that it had. I hope you had a great 4th!

  4. Oh what a cool questionnaire! I hear you about not being able to pack light for the kids! Ha ha. A whole medicine cabinet indeed! I love to try all the local cuisine when I travel so eating out is huge, but then it's sometimes nice just to be able to cook your own meal quietly.