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Hi guys!  Today I'm participating the Writing Process Blog Tour tag.  I was tagged by the lovely Kristin Hurd of The Musings of Me.  She is the author of One of a Kind (Kindle & Paperback) and Better Off Friends (Kindle).  She's currently working on her third book entitled Another Relationship.

Without further ado, let's jump right in and get this tag started.

What Am I Working On?

As previously talked about on here, I'm working on a contemporary romance with a hint of suspense called Forever Branded.  It's the first book in my three part Forever series.  In Forever Branded, you'll get to meet Karissa McKinley, my main character.  She's been through a lot in life.  She hasn't always made the best decisions and each experience leaves her little bit more 'branded' or scarred than the last, especially in her dating life.

As a result, she's uncertain of herself and her ability to make good decisions.  And because she doesn't fully trust herself, she doesn't trust others either. Also, she's been keeping a big secret and it gets revealed.  You'll have to stop back by to find out more about the other characters in this book.  

How Does My Work Differ From Others Of Its Genre?

Honestly, I think the thing that sets all writers apart to certain degree is how we tell our stories.  You can get 5 writers in one room give them a topic or plot and I promise you that while similar each story will be told 5 different ways.  So, I definitely feel like I have my own unique voice.

Why Do I Write What I Do?

I've co-authored a motherhood survival guide, This Is How We Do It: A Survival Guide for Busy Moms.  The reason I decided to be a part of that project was because I think that a lot of books out here about motherhood are written by medical professionals who are trying to be politically correct.  They give you a more sweetened version of motherhood.  Whereas, I feel like in our book we share the not so sweet sides of being mom as well as how we survived those moments.

I talked about my battle with postpartum depression and what I did to overcome it.  For me sharing that came easy because I know there are so many others out there who struggle with PPD as well.  And I just wanted to help someone.

As far as fiction, I decided to make my first novel a romance because I'm a hopeless romantic.  I'm a lover of love and being in love.  I've been in love a few times, had the bad break-ups, and the even better make-ups.  And I think that some elements of those experiences will come through, especially in this book.

However, I don't want to box myself in as just being a romance writer.  I am toying with the idea of a YA adventure series, but for now romance is a great place to start and get my feet wet.

How Does Your Writing Process Work?

When I get the idea for a book, I like to jot the idea down a notebook.  From there the main characters start to form.  I don't necessarily plot out my books because I like this process to feel as organic as possible.  In writing Forever Branded, there are times when I want to go one way, but the characters want to go another way.  So, I try to let the characters tell their own stories as much as possible.

I also, don't write chapters in chronological order.  I tried it and it just takes way too long for me.  I've found that writing the ideas out as they come to me is works best.  And then I go back insert it into the proper chain of events within the novel.

So there you have it, an inside look at how I do what I do as a writer.  You can find me on Facebook and Twitter.  Also, I'm working on coordinating posts for my book cover reveal.  If interested, you can sign up here or using the form below:

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