So Obsessed Saturday: Southern Charm


While I'm working hard to wrap up Forever Branded, you know what they say about all work and no play.  So, one night I was taking a writing break and decided to catch up on some tv because I roughly watch adult tv once a week.  Seriously, the current show selections just don't interest me.  Not to mention, I spend my days being a mother, wife, and working on various projects for clients for other business.

Anyways, it was late and the kids have finally drifted off to sleep.  I started flipping through the channels and came across this show Southern Charm on Bravo.  Of course, being a Carolina girl, I just to see what this show was about. Honestly, in my mind I had assumed it be a cast of all women and obviously have something to do with living in the South, but I had it pegged as being more of a Housewives sort of show with a twist.  Whelp, after watching one episode I was hooked.  

This show is a bit of a train wreck but it's a bearable train wreck.  No punches or elbows have been thrown yet and I hope none will because I don't watch reality shows with fighting.  In a nutshell, Southern Charm is a reality show set in Charleston, South Carolina and the main cast consists of 6 Charleston residents who are considered to be of elite status (some more than others). 

So hands down Cameran is my favorite.  She's the most grounded and in touch with reality out of the group.  Unlike her other cast mates, she doesn't come from a rich family.  She really has to make a living to afford her lifestyle, which appears to be modest and one that I and other the majority of viewers can relate to.  She's smart, funny, bubbly and charming.  But I do think that if you cross her wrong, she will check you.

My next favorite is Craig because he seems to be more in touch with reality as well like Cameran.  He's currently a law student and law clerk, which I love because I've always had an interest law and was almost a criminal justice major in college. Craig has already had a little drama on the show after he felt like Shep broke the 'Bro Code' by hooking up with Kathryn despite knowing that Craig wanted to ask her out.  However, in Shep's defense (and this is probably the only time you will catch me defending Shep) Kathryn did pursue him first when they all went to the beach to hang out.  Sorry Craig.  Sometimes if you snooze or move too slow, you miss out!

Then there's the Thomas Ravenal.  Yep, former SC State Treasurer who was convicted of cocaine distribution charges over 5 years ago.  He did rehab and served his prison time, but some people still feel the need to punish him or hold his past transgression against him.  However, if you ask me, I think that the majority of politicians have skeletons in their closets.  I mean people were still supporting Mark Sanford after news of his mistress broke and he was the governor!

I don't know but I kind of like Thomas because he doesn't let what people think of his past mistake get to him.  He jokes about (which Whitney didn't appreciate) and keeps it moving.  We all fall short, but if you have a second chance at life, why would you let your past hinder you from enjoying it.  I'm sure he knows by now to say no to drugs.  He's seen and experienced what they can cost him.

He's currently getting a lot crap on the show for dating Kathryn (yep, the same one Craig likes and hooked up with Shep) because of their age difference.  She's 21 and he's 50 (at the time of the filming).  And the biggest problem people have is their sex life.  They feel like she should feel like she's having sex with her dad.  Here's my thought on the matter, why do they care?  She's in her right mind.

I could understand if she wasn't all there or emotional unstable like say Anna Nicole Smith, but she isn't.  She's a consenting adult.  Secondly, Thomas looks better than most 50 year old men.  Seriously, he's like younger Dennis Quaid.  Now, I could be biased because I'm married to an older man, but I say more power to them!

Now, I really liked Jenna.  She's a rebel and a fashion risk taker.  However, Jenna turned me off a bit when she said that Kathryn's dress "matched her abortion" (Kathryn and Thomas had a pregnancy scare) at the Carolina Day party.  Abortion is such a sensitive and hot topic, especially here in the Carolinas.  I just thought that joke was not the least bit funny or appropriate.  Very bad taste.

Also, what I don't get about Jenna is her judgement of Thomas and Kathryn's relationship when she's in her twenties and is dating a 50-something year old as well.  Like isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?  But bad joke and hypocritical tendencies aside, I think Jenna is a cool chick.  She takes zero crap and is very feisty.  I can't wait to see what other looks we'll see here in the rest of the season.  And if Southern Charm makes it to season 2, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she stays on the cast!

Not going to lie, but I initially thought that Whitney was gay as did some of the show members.  However, after his mom finding a huge pile of women's clothing and going on and on about his parading women in and out of their gorgeous home, I guess it's safe to say that he's straight.  Like Jenna, Whitney is a bit of a hypocrite because he's been preaching to Thomas about being all conservative but he's not really conservative himself.  And in the last episode a bombshell was dropped that he tricked to get at Kathryn as well.  In way, I feel like he's a little bit of a walking oxymoron. 

And his mom, Pat, is quite the character.  She cracks me up a little bit. I get the impression that while she likes to act like a Southern belle, she's really a firecracker!  I'm anxious to see if she and Brandi (Whitney's assistant) are going to have words because she dislikes that poor girl with a passion.

My least favorite person on the show would have to be Shep.  Why?  Well, he was totally insensitive when Craig confronted him about putting the moves on Kathryn when he knew that he liked her and was going to ask her out.  Then, he hangs out with Thomas and tells him what a nice guy he is, but then in the confessionals or when he's with other cast mates he's saying something different. 

Then, he had the nerve to get mad at MJ because she hangs out with her ex, but he still hangs out with his ex, Dani.  Not to mention, he slept with Kathryn while he was trying talk to MJ!  In a word, Shep is a playa.  Not player with, but playa and he could hot when MJ pretty much let him know that he had no claim on her.  High five MJ!

Also, Shep is clueless about what he wants to do with his life.  And I guess that's fine when your family is rich and practically Carolina royalty, but if he's trying to lock down a girl like MJ, then he's going to have transition into settle mode and get a career going.  With all that said, Shep is the life of the party!  He definitely knows how to have a good time and is the most hilarious in his confessionals out of everyone on the show.

There you have it folks!  That's my obsession for this week.  If you've seen Southern Charm, tell me your thoughts on the cast in the comment section below.  Who's your favorite?  Least favorite?  What do you think of Kathryn and Thomas's age difference?

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  1. I'd been meaning to check this show out, mainly to see which "South" they represented. Now, you've got me all interested lol.