My April TBR List

Hi!  My name is K and I'm addicted to books.  I recently took the time to go through all the books I've purchased this year alone and I can officially say that I have a book buying problem.  I have purchased well over 50 books from the Kindle store and I have about 15-20 paperbacks stacked up on my nightstand. Not to mention, I visit my local library at least once a week and get new books.

So, what I've decided to do is read at least three books from my Kindle, one library book and two from my nightstand stack.  That's seven books a month, but I'm sure I'll read more because I read to my two little darlings every night.  Also, I seem to read to faster on my Kindle and will most likely end up reading more than three Kindle books.  

Anyways, here's my list that I'm working on knocking out this month.  And I will go ahead and say that I broke my limit of one of library book. 

Library Books

I fell in love with the Vampire Empire series about a year and half ago.  I was at the library and saw the first book The Greyfriar sitting on a shelf and decided to give it a read.  I wasn't sure if it was going to be more Twilight or more Interview With the Vampire.  After having read the first book, I definitely think the Vampire Empire series is unique in it's own right.  I also loved that this series was written by a husband and wife duo, Clay & Susan Griffith. 

You definitely don't see a lot of this now days and I think that's probably what makes this series such a great read.  I imagine Susan brings the romantic elements and Clay brings the all the action like the wonderfully written fight scenes.  I have started on the second book and can't wait to finish it and read the third.

Night Stand


Both of these are religious books.  The God of Yes is nonfiction and written by Pastor Jud Wilhite.  Basically, he's dispelling the myth that being Christian is all about things you can't do.  And I definitely think that at times Christianity gets a back wrap as being the 'not fun' religion.   There are so many commandments in the Bible that some people feel like becoming a Christian would take away their ability to have fun.  Jud is pastor in Vegas, so you know I'm interested to read what his views are and see if they will be more conservative, liberal or somewhere in the middle.

The Winner's Game sounds like it's going to be a tear jerker.  I am definitely going to have my box of tissues handy.  From reading the back cover, I get the feeling that this book will also have a Noah Sparks vibe to it.  It's about a 17 year old Ann Bennett and her family getting back in touch with each and finding the love again.  She has heart condition, which you would think would bring the family closer, but it doesn't.  So, they discover a game created by their great-grandparents, The Winner's Game and work their way back towards behaving more like a real family.

The cover also mentions something about a tragedy.  So, I'm guessing that Ann isn't going to make it to get her heart transplant.  Then, again who knows.  Maybe, one of the other siblings or parents will be killed off in horrific accident and end up as Ann's donor.  I don't know, but I can't wait to find out.  I definitely think this book is about how we endure tests of our faith.


Against All Odds will be my fist time reading anything by Gwynne Foster.  From the blurb, I got that this book has almost like a Romeo and Juilet thing going on.  Melissa and Adam's families have some kind of deep rooted feud that they discover after meeting.  It threatens to jeopardize their business relationship as well as their intimate one.  Considering the title, I think it's pretty safe to say that there will be a happily ever after to this story, but I'm interested in reading about how they end up there anyways.

I've grown to love Kimberla Roby and her Rev Curtis Black series.  I definitely think that playing off of some of the real life scandals that have gone down with these mega-churches and pastors was a good idea for her because she writes about these church scandals and scandalous congregation members like no other.  I've read a few of the more recent books in this series and am working my way back to beginning to get the full scoop.

When I saw that this book involved a remote island, ex-lovers and secrets, I knew that I had to read The Island.  It reminded me of Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews from the blurb, but I'm keeping an open mind.  I know that every author has their own voice and way of telling a story even if the stories are a bit similar or have a similar vibe.

So, those are my reads for the month that I want to get finished before I move to any other books.  Feel free to share with me what books are your reading list for this month!

Until next time,

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