Unfinished Business

It's not secret that I'm a huge fan of up and coming author, Christina Jones.  I've read all of her books that she's written thus far and none of them disappoint.  And her newest novel, Unfinished Business, is no different.  The sequel to Strictly Professional and set five years into the future, Unfinished Business is a contemporary romance in which we watch Gabi attempt to move from her bad breakup with Terrence.  

Meanwhile, Terrence is focused on the complete opposite.  He's finally realized his mistakes and wants Gabi back, but when an old rival from his college days starts trying to put the moves on Gabi, he has to wonder if he's too late. 

This is by far my favorite book from Christina.  She's done such a beautiful job of emotionally drawing readers in Terrence and Gabi's story that you kind of want it to just go on and on.  If you haven't already picked up your copy of Unfinished Business, trust me you will want to.  And if you haven't read Strictly Professional yet, be sure to get it so that you will be in the loop.  

I can't wait to see what Christina has up her sleeve next!  And if you can't wait either, you can her on Twitter, Facebook and her blog, Being Mrs Jones.  Be sure to check out the book cover and an excerpt from Unfinished Business below.


“I can’t believe you didn't kill his ass,” Daniella said, pouring the last of the pitcher of frozen margarita into my glass.
            I shrugged, then accepted the drink from her and took a sip. “He was still Joci’s dad, and even though it hurt like hell… I still loved him.”
            “Well, you’re better than me, cause I would have bust into that office and thrown a Molotov at that couch.”  She flipped her hair over her shoulder, frowning as she looked around the restaurant.
            Daniella and these dramatics, my goodness. I shook my head at my coworker and friend of almost four years.  I had instantly been attracted to her bubbly, over-the-top demeanor on my first day at Atkins & Associates.  I think she could tell I was new to Dallas and new to practicing law, because she approached me as soon as I walked through the front door, complimented my shoes, then told me to straighten my shoulders and look a little ‘sweeter’. “This is Texas, nena.  ‘Nice-nasty’ will get you everywhere, but if these folks think you’re a bitch… well, good luck.”
            It took me a full thirty minutes to actually believe that she was a legal secretary.  My secretary. With her perfect wavy hair, perfect stylish clothes, and perfect fun attitude, I would have been more inclined to believe that she was a news anchor or something.  I quickly learned that her ‘pretty girl’ looks were no reason to under-estimate her.  Daniella was a beast at her job, which I definitely needed.  Moving to a new state with no friends or family and a one year old had left any semblance of order in shambles.  Daniella found Joci a wonderful daycare that was close to the office and half the price of the nanny I had hired, got me into a gorgeous condo and out of a hotel room, and after only two weeks as a new associate, she had me so well organized and integrated that I felt like I had been there forever.
            One day, after I had been at Atkins & Associates for about a month, she walked into my office while I was in the middle of a breakdown.  Terrence had called to check on me and Joci, and the sound of his voice just made me lose it.  I rushed him off of the phone so I could cry about the mistake I had made in giving up on our relationship.  I cried because I was disgusted with myself for still loving him, even after he had hurt me so bad.  And I cried because I was guilty that it felt so good to be back at work, doing what I loved, instead of tending to my baby.
            When Daniella walked in, she simply said, “Uh-uh.” before she stormed back out to her desk.  A few minutes later, she was back, and I learned that she had called my former nanny and worked out some kind of on-call babysitting deal with her.  She then informed me that she and I were going out that night, to have some fun.  She’s been dragging me out on sporadic Friday nights ever since then.
            “Stop looking at your phone, chula.
            I shot Daniella a playful scowl as I finally read the last message Terrence had sent me, nearly two hours before.
            “You didn't notice the inscription, did you?”
            I placed my phone down on the table and removed the pretty white gold bangle that had arrived in a pretty blue box.  Trying not to think of what Terrence must have spent on what was easily my favorite gift, I held it up to the light, turning it until I found the tiny words inscribed inside.
I’ll never forget again.”

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